What Can a Child Custody Lawyer Do?

Child custody refers to the court given rights that divorced parents can make while deciding for their children. Biological parents can seek physical custody of their child and child visitation. The court will make the final decision by considering different factors and determine which parent is more suitable for their child. If you are going through a divorce or have gone through a divorce or separation you should hire a Divorce attorney who is specialized in child custody. Although there are not a long list of requirements consult with a well Qualified and experienced child custody Lawyer by visiting Law Offices of Sotera L. Anderson. There are lists of factors that can impact on the cost of a Child Custody Lawyer such as

Type of Custody Dispute - Uncontested child custody cases cost less than contested cases. It is one f the most important factor of how affordable the dispute will be. If one party will not compromise it will increase dispute with dispositions, filling motions, excessive court time and hiring of psychologists and other experts to handle this situation. All this procedure will increase the expanse of your case.

Specialist and Expert witnesses - most of the cases demand the assistance of a specialist or an expert such as a child psychologist. If the situation still didn't work the parties might need to go through a custody evaluation.

Attorney Fee - you have to pay for each attorney according to their requirements. Each party will pay their legal fee. Miscellaneous fees - you should also have to pay a miscellaneous fee that will add up quickly and the court can also order for meditation which can be free or very costly. Feel free to contact with Offices of Sotera L. Anderson to hire the best trustworthy lawyer for your case.